news code : 150271  |  event date : Tue Aug 10, 2021 9:24:50
On the sidelines of the appreciation meeting of the bank's employees due to holding annual general assembly on time and achieving the top rank in the Shahid Rajaee Festival, Dr. Hossein Mehri said ...
In Shahid Rajaee Festival of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance: BIM Was Nominated as the Top Bank of Shahid Rajaee Festival 
news code : 150269  |  event date : Wed Aug 04, 2021 9:19:12
BIM won the title of the best bank in the evaluation of general and specific indicators of Shahid Rajaee Festival of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and was appreciated by the Vice Pr ...
news code : 150267  |  event date : Wed Jul 28, 2021 9:10:50
During the annual general assembly, Asghar Paktinat pointed out the achievement of the desired profitability in the bank’s financial statements.
news code : 150270  |  event date : Wed Aug 04, 2021 9:22:48
The conference of the fifth strategic plan of the bank and its organizational policies in order to implement BIM’s strategic goals was held with the presence of members of the board of directors, ...
news code : 150268  |  event date : Wed Jul 28, 2021 9:13:17
Ali Khorsandian, a member of BIM’s board of directors, visited several industrial plants in Razavi Khorasan Province in order to assess their situation and discuss with the province’s craftsmen.
BIM’s Managing Director in His Visit to the Industries of Qazvin Province Announced: In the Last Eight Years, the Bank Has Paid 14 Billion Euros of Facilities to Industries 
news code : 150255  |  event date : Mon Jul 19, 2021 16:37:49
Dr. Hossein Mehri, BIM’s managing director, announced, ‘We have financed 5,100 industrial and mining projects in the last eight years in the amount of 14 billion euros, which is considered a high ...

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