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  • Date : Mon Mar 15, 2021
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A member of BIM’s Board of Directors Visited Toos Fuse Company
Dr. Ali Khorsandian, a member of BIM’s board of directors, visited Toos Fuse Company located in Khorasan Razavi Province.

According to BIM’s Information Center, Dr. Khorsandian, who had traveled to Khorasan Razavi province, visited Toos Fuse Company and attended a meeting held with the presence of the provincial director of the bank, the company’s CEO and some retired provincial managers of Khorasan Razavi.
In this meeting, BIM’s new products in the field of digital banking and services that can be provided by the established systems in this bank were introduced, and the facilities available to company managers for financial affairs and account opening process, financial transactions authentication, request for facilities, opening of documentary credit, guarantees, etc. were discussed.
On the sidelines of the meeting, Dr. Khorsandian praised the efforts of the bank's retired employees and said, ‘Retirees are valuable treasure for the organization, and we should benefit from their experience and knowledge as consultants in the bank’s macro planning and policy making.’
Dr. Khorsandian stated, ‘The experience and skills that retirees have gained in different departments of the bank during their 30 years of service can be applicable in the issue of succession and knowledge management.’
In this ceremony, the retired employees of this bank also expressed their views, opinions and problems.

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