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With the Presence of Digital Banking Roadmap Appraisal Group of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, BIM’s Digital Banking Roadmap Was Investigated
The appraisal meeting of BIM’s digital banking roadmap and the examining the progress of this bank was held in the presence of digital banking roadmap appraisal group of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.

According to BIM’s Information Center, in this meeting held yesterday, March 8, with the presence of Dr. Kermanshah and Dr. Legzaei, members of the digital banking roadmap appraisal group of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and Dr. Khorsandian, BIM’s board member and senior managers and experts involved in the digital banking project, Dr. Mehri stated, ‘Today, banks have expanded the range of their products and services in cyberspace in order to meet the growing expectations of customers, so that the ecosystems stemming from the creation of extensive information and communication networks, databases, etc. will define digital banking in the future.’
He added, ‘In order to increase the success of banks in these ecosystems, it is necessary to change their business strategy and focus on creating value for each other, create mutual trust and mutual understanding between the bank and the customer to design and present banking products and services.’
Dr. Mehri reminded, ‘In the banking industry, a paradigm shift can be witnessed in the banks’ strategies in order to move from the traditional model to digital ecosystem approach and the focus has been on customers instead of products in a way that the bank should increase its level of accessibility and transparency for customers through changing the manner of its operations and creating flexibility, and become a reliable partner for customers to whom personalized services are provided.’
Dr. Mehri stated, ‘The main goal of digital banking is the interaction and collaboration of banks with other organizations in order to improve banking products and services for customers, especially legal customers, so that the bank can have unsurpassed performance beyond their needs and expectations by analyzing the behavioral information, preferences and lifestyle of their customers and achieving a clear picture of their needs.’
BIM’s managing director emphasized, ‘When we talk about digital banking, we mean that smart banking applications that can perform all desired transactions from any device of the customer's discretion with clear instructions and error-free mechanisms, and provide access to a wide range of services such as savings, receiving facilities, consulting, insurance, budgeting, cost and revenue analysis, investment calculations, etc. from the beginning to the end of the process without the need for customer presence.’
Dr. Mehri stated, ‘In the horizon of the bank’s strategic planning and roadmap, all the infrastructures and dimensions of digital banking are considered and developed in 4 stages namely emerging, executing, leading and pioneering stages and we plan to realize this important objective by 2025. Of course, acceptable progress has been made in this field this year and 5 new products and systems were unveiled in August and 3 new products were recently unveiled in the presence of Dr. Vaezi, the head of the president's office at this bank.’
He said, ‘In order to establish digital banking and parallel with this project, BIM has started comprehensive support and favorable cooperation with knowledge-based companies and fintech companies. In this regard, 549 facilities worth 24 thousand billion rials have been paid to them since 2018, and the bank signed memoranda of understanding with Sharif and Amirkabir universities.’
During this meeting, BIM’s progress in 34 projects related to digital banking was discussed and the participants expressed their ambiguities in the field of technical and financial issues, human resources strategy and the educational programs related to these projects and the bank's managers and experts also provided relevant solutions and answers.

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