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Discussed in the National Conference of BIM’s Managers:
Dr. Khorsandian Emphasized putting Efforts to Attract Resources, Observe the Principle of Transparency and Improve the Bank’s Capital Adequacy
The member of the board of directors of this bank stated, ‘BIM’s planning and strategy system emphasizes increasing the attraction of resources, making the financial statements more transparent and improving the capital adequacy in the coming year.’

According to BIM’s Information Center, at the national conference of the bank's managers he stated, ‘One of the main credit policies of the bank is the issue of digital banking and digital products, and moving towards its realization in today's competitive environment is a necessity.’
He added, ‘In the five-year strategic plan of the bank, developed from the beginning of 1400 Iranian year to the end of 1404 Iranian year (2021-2026), special attention has been paid to important issues such as digital transformation, securing resources from new channels such as equity companies and corporate banking.’
Dr. Khorsandian said, ‘With the unveiling of the bank’s new products and services in the field of information and communication technology this year, the digital experience of customers in the field of banking services has increased and we intend to take steps towards the full realization of digital banking through establishing the required infrastructure, appropriate needs analysis introducing and providing more products and services.’
He also spoke about the importance of paying attention to microcredit and said, ‘In addition to providing working capital facilities to production units to increase production and employment through providing microcredit to corporate customers and stimulating demand, manufacturing companies can be supported to increase their sales and profitability.’
The member of BIM’s board of directors said, ‘All the needs of the bank's branches and headquarters are considered in the bank’s organizational chart which is going to be officially registered in the administrative and employment affairs system.’
He also stressed the necessity to observe the principle of transparency and added, ‘I ask all colleagues to be very disciplined and careful in the field of budget and spending money from the relevant topics and improving the balance of the bank’s profit and loss.’

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