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Discussed in the National Conference of BIM’s Managers:
Chairman of BIM’s Board of Directors: We Should Do our Best to Collect the Receivables and Attract the Bank's Resources
At the general conference of the bank's managers, Asghar Pak Tint, Chairman of BIM’s board of directors, said, ‘Although good results have been achieved in the collection of receivables with the efforts of all colleagues, we need to spend more time and energy in this sector to attract more resources because the lending cycle depends on the provision of a part of the bank's resources.’

According to BIM’s Information Center, in the national conference of the bank's managers, which was held yesterday, March 6, Pak Tint stated, ‘we can witness significant progress in performance indicators such as collection of receivables (147 percent growth), Rial documentary credits increased (119 percent growth), and Guarantees (108 percent growth), compared to the same period last Iranian year.’ 
He added, ‘We ask all employees, especially provincial managers and heads of branches, to have continuous meetings with customers, especially companies financed by this bank, so that we can act better in attracting resources for the bank.’
The chairman of the bank's board of directors also presented a report on reputable ranking companies and announced, ‘In this report, the status of the country's banks has been studied and the presented statistics show that most of the country's banks, including BIM with no exception, need to increase capital and consequently increase the capital adequacy ratio, and these problems, along with the problems caused by sanctions and disconnection with the Swift system and the spread of the Coronavirus, have exacerbated the banks’ problems.’
He stressed, ‘Despite the problems, the statistics related to the payment of facilities to manufacturing and industrial enterprises published by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade show that BIM has provided a significant amount of facilities compared to its resources for the industry and mining sector of the country.’
Pak Tinat stated, ‘Due to traffic restrictions related to the outbreak of Coronavirus, managers and staff experts have difficulty visiting the bank's projects, which incurs a heavier responsibility on provincial managers and heads of branches, who should take the necessary measures in monitoring the projects and interacting with customers.’

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