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BIM’s Managing Director Visited Homa Pharmed Company
Dr. Hossein Mehri, BIM’s managing director, visited Homa Pharmed Company located in Pardis Technology Park, Tehran Province.

According to BIM’s Information Center, the bank’s managing director, along with the Deputy of Legal Supervision and Collecting Receivables and the Director of Project Supervision were present at the site of the ongoing project on Saturday, February 27, and were informed on its construction and implementation process.
It is noteworthy that BIM has allocated one thousand billion rials of fixed capital facilities to the implementation of this project which will directly employ 350 people. The company's products include a variety of ampoules, vials and syringes ready for injection with an annual production capacity of 84 million units.
It is worth mentioning that the volume of investment in this project is four thousand and one hundred billion rials and it is predicted that phase one of this project will be put into operation next September leading to the self-sufficiency of the country in the field of these drugs.

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